Our team at McKenzie Pediatrics is excited to welcome you our new website!  Throughout its pages, you will get to know more about our practice, our team and our philosophy for caring for children. It is our pleasure and privilege to be part of your lives. We get to share in the growth, development and changes that your children experience throughout the years from birth to college graduation. There is no better job!

For those of you who are already part of our practice, you will know that one of the most important things about us is that we have a small team of physicians and staff members. We have created a family-like atmosphere in order to deliver more personalized, high quality care.  We designed our office to be colorful, comfortable and welcoming.  When we opened our doors in October 2002, one 8 year old boy looked around and said, “Wow, this isn’t like any doctor’s office I’ve ever seen!” That is exactly the tone and mood we strive for as you enter our work world.

Over the past 13 plus years that we have been here, we have enjoyed being part of many family’s lives. Our interactions have always been more personal than technological. However, we can read the ‘writing on the wall’ with respect to living in a technology-enhanced world and finally decided that the time was right to launch a website. Some aspects of our practice will still be through actual conversations, such as booking appointments and discussions of illness or other health concerns, but our site provides lots of information that can be perused at your leisure.

We have tried to provide the most commonly requested information for your convenience. If you are new to our practice, or considering joining, you will learn about us in the “Our Team” section. Whether you are new to us or long-time patients, you will find the section “Our Office” full of useful information and forms.

Our blogs are designed as a way to offer our knowledge and thoughts about various aspects of health, illness, childhood, parenting and family life. They are posted on our home page, so check it out periodically to see what’s going on. Given the wide age range of our young patients, we will address a HUGE range of questions, issues and concerns. So, buckle your seat belt and come along for the ride! While our blog posts might look a bit disjointed thematically, we want to spread our wings. We welcome your ideas about subjects or general concerns you would like us to include.  Our goal is to present issues relevant to your lives.

So from all of us to all of you who visit our site, welcome!