Timely Appointment Access

At McKenzie Pediatrics, we take access to medical care seriously. We always have same-day appointments for illness visits when you call during office hours. For annual check-ups, you will be able to book an appointment within a short timeframe, often within 2-3 weeks. We have found that most people do not know their schedules months in advance, so by shortening the time it takes to book an appointment, we can more easily accommodate your schedule and your child’s needs.

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment feeling like you spent more time with the staff than with your doctor? Our goal is to build great relationships, not roadblocks! Your doctor will meet you in the waiting room, escort you to the exam room and spend all of the appointment time with you and your child.


Weekend & Holiday Office Hours

Appointments for illness visits:

We know that illness does not conform to a Monday through Friday schedule; therefore, we are available for urgent appointments in the morning on Saturdays, Sundays and most Holidays.

Appointments for routine visits:

We have limited time available for routine appointments on at least one Saturday morning per month. Patients interested in scheduling a routine (non-urgent) appointment on Saturday should call the office to inquire about availability.

Weekend/Holiday coverage:

On those rare weekends when we are not in the office, we are part of a great call-group of responsive and talented local pediatricians. The call group coverage is for urgent visits only. If we are not available for a given weekend or holiday, when you call our office, the message will direct you to the phone number for the pediatrician on call for our group.


Home Visits for all Newborn Babies

Mothers who have just given birth to their baby need time to recover, so WE COME TO YOU for the first newborn visit. We generally schedule the visit 1 to 2 days after the hospital discharge or within 24 hours of a homebirth. New parents (even if they have other children) have lots of questions, so the home visits allow for adequate time to talk about the baby in a more relaxed atmosphere. And, all family members, including visiting grandparents, are welcome to share the experience of the visit.


Weight Management Program for Children and Parents

Childhood obesity is a national epidemic! In order to address this “expanding” problem, we offer a program to help children and adults make better choices about the foods they eat, the quality of the exercise they get and what strategies they use for stress management. We focus on the impact of a family’s current lifestyle on weight and wellbeing.

We have been successful with many children and adults in reducing their percent body fat, increasing lean muscle mass and empowering them to transform unhealthy habits into a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

This program can be done either one-on-one or in a group setting.


Evaluation of School Developmental & Behavioral Testing

The number of children who are struggling in our education system seems to be at an all time high. Many children are evaluated by psychologists to determine their academic capabilities and learning styles. The test reports are often difficult for parents to decipher. As a Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. McKenzie offers consultations to help parents make sense of the vast information gathered during school testing in order to facilitate an appropriate IEP or 504 Plan.


Wellness Solutions for Children and Parents

McKenzie Pediatrics invites you to join us in moving beyond the traditional healthcare model to encompass a more expanded practice of health & wellness as our primary goal of care.

We are grateful to you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your children’s healthcare needs. It is our honor and commitment to provide both high quality medical care as well as comprehensive wellness care to your children.

Okay, so what does that mean? The medical care part probably stands without much explanation, but what about the wellness part?  “Wellness” became one of the newest buzzwords as we entered the new millennium. Paul Zane Pilzer called it The Wellness Revolution in his 2002 game changing book. He referred to wellness as a common denominator linking healthcare, food manufacturers, wellness product companies, fitness experts, restaurant owners and various disparate businesses with a common cause. His book even prompted political healthcare reform as Congress passed legislation to create allowances for pretax dollars to be spent on healthy living in the form of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

Well over a decade later, we are all the beneficiaries of understanding wellness in terms of its benefits to healthy functioning as it offers a substance and foundation of how we might strive to take care of ourselves and our children. At its very core, wellness stems from how we go about living our lives, the choices we make and the comprehensive factors that play a role in daily functioning. Unfortunately, far too many healthcare providers address wellness as a system for fixing problems. We only need to look at the array of programs designed to treat obesity, smoking cessation, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, high cholesterol and heart disease, etc.

From our perspective, we assume that the heart of taking care of children begins at the starting point of establishing healthy patterns of sleep, nutrition, exercise and building adaptive patterns of dealing with stress. These four pillars of health form an essential core of primary prevention and are integrated in all of our preventive care visits (also known as “check-ups”) as well as many of the illness visits we will have with you and your children. We believe that a strong knowledge base with respect to human functioning helps to reduce the negative impact of various challenges in parenting and family life, so we consider ourselves your partners in care. Our doctors and nurses are here to share our knowledge and understanding of child development, health and illness. Yes, we said “illness”; health is not the opposite of illness, it is a broader adaptive capacity of functioning. In our practice of health and wellness, we strive to demystify the way in which children grow, develop and engage in the world. Our job is to help you navigate the complexities of children and family life.



Easy Access to Your Child’s Medical Information

We have partnered with Patient Gateway to make it easy for parents and teens to get valuable information from the medical record.

By signing up with Patient Gateway, you will be able to:

  • Print out the latest health form for daycare, schools and sports coaches
  • Access your lab results
  • Request specialist referrals
  • Request medication refills
  • Update any changes in your personal information, such as your address, phone number or insurance coverage
  • Set up appointment reminders to your email
  • Send emails to your doctor’s office with basic questions or concerns (non-urgent issues only)

To get more information about Patient Gateway, go to www.patientgateway.org